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Use this section to provide a short introduction about your channel. This will be max 50 to 60 words in total. Just a quick note about you and the channel, Something that help the user understand your channel quickly and support you in growing.

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This section should be filled with three types of information :  

1. Intro about the channel :

Write about your channel, what makes it great. You can use pictures in this introduction

2. Where does the money go ?

Write about how you will use the money, To make better videos, to support the cost of making the videos etc. Again you can use pictures to emphasis your point.

3. The rewards you get !

In return for the support what are the goodies that are provided.    

4. The Team.

If your channel has a team that helps create the content, talk about them and how they help you.
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subscription to this reward gives Access to my Fan-only stream, as well as access to an exclusive twitter just for patrons (@abc), where I will post video ideas, photos from behind-the-scenes on projects, and other exclusive content.

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You get all the above rewards as well as exclusive video featurettes about the making of some of the episodes as well as deleted scenes and bloopers (on the rare occasions those occur).

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All of the above, plus a monthly 30-minute google hangout and access to a private facebook group that I'm a part of! Talk to me and with other fans. You'll also get a monthly downloadable digital content.

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