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We are the tummy twisters, We are TeenDrolls! The most watched comedy channel playing the sumptuous full length, short length, clips and everything that comes under the roof of comedy club. Join us for an ongoing laughter here..

How long has it been that your stomach muscles have craved for real comedy? How long has it been that you have laughed your troubles real hard? Guess not soon! No wonder why you have landed to our channel.

Here, We welcome all comedy lovers who ace the laughter world by contributing to watch great artists twisting your abs with some laughing time. At our channel TeenDrolls, enjoy the most exclusive comedy strips created by real artists with a cling.

Who We Are : 
Our channel is full of tummy rolling videos for all genres and is safe to watch along with your kids and families. All we promise is to bring families, friends and various groups together for some fantastic video watching. Also, take the joy of real life pranks sitting at your home. Ranging from funny mom videos to witty father-son relationship, brother-sister fight to exam blues and what not on the planet, TeenDrolls offer an exciting package to fulfill your daily dose of laughter.

If you take pleasure in ‘laughing as nobody’s watching’, show us your support. In return, we allow a monthly access to our full length videos to rock your tummy harder.

TeenDrolls believes in producing exclusive content and passing it to masses. We will be eternally delighted to get more people watch us. 


We do not forget giving back to the community. Please, do not forget to support us by making a difference to our lives.  Creating laughter costs us a bulk of money. Keep donating us few bucks to keep enjoying more laughter and helping us spread smiles. 

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  • Monthly video from TeenDrolls Advance and exclusive notice of content.
  • Access to the HelpMeTry Social page -- where all of your messages/questions will be answered

40/per month

Includes all previous benefits and

  • Special access to our behind the scenes up to the minute series showcasing the next TeenDrolls projects.
  • Access to exclusive Series from the TeenDrolls Productions team.
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  • Being part of the next production through call outs.
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  • 1 hour Consulting session for budding creators.