Sandeep Singh (Football Freestyler) is creating Free-styling Videos

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Hey people! I’m Sandeep Singh, aka Sandeep Freestyler. I’ve always been passionate about football and thankfully have been able to convert my passion into a career. I have also been featured on the show ‘Ajab Bhi Gazab Bhi” on News 18 for my skills.

People have multiple means of self-expression, and I love to showcase my creativity through the art of juggling a football on various parts of the body. Freestyle football was first showcased by Maradona when he used to play for SSC Napoli. On the other hand, it didn’t get accepted immediately and had to face a lot of flak for not being of any significance to the game. The worlds’ top players with names such as Ronaldinho, Neymar Jr, Christiano Ronaldo, and Lionel Messi attributed their talent to freestyling and street football culture.

I firmly believe that it isn’t motivation, but discipline that helps you grow and succeed. I know from personal experience that with the right mindset, someone from the small towns and villages can also make it big in any field and any profession of their choice. I hope my life can inspire people from all walks of life to be courageous and chase their dreams.

I am indebted to all of my fans that have supported me through my freestyling journey. I hope that you will join me here on HelpMeTry as I try to earn an income doing what I love and you get to be a part of my success.

I have certain needs when it comes to my line of work – and one of my primary concerns is regarding the equipment. To be a professional freestyler, one needs a good pair of shoes and a few football variants in order to perform a wide range of tricks. I also plan to invest in a better camera which will help me create better content for my viewers.

As a token of appreciation for your backing, I would love to give you some benefits and perks that only my supporters at HelpMeTry will get. It could be access to my community where you can have heartfelt conversations about your shared love for football, or even avail tutoring sessions with me live.

Don’t hesitate to drop me a line, and keep rocking ‘the beautiful game’.

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