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I am Sadhwi Majumder an Indian Bharatnatyam dancer and a choreographer who loves grooving on the dance floor. It’s been almost 20 years that I have been dancing on different dance forms like Bharatnatyam, Kathak, Manipuri & Indian Folk Dances.

Can you imagine giving a nerve-wracking performance in front of a formidable panel of celebrity judges and you are fully crippled in the fear of failure?

Yes, I have but amusingly at the age of 5. You guessed it right though. I have been dancing since the age of 5 and doing what my parents taught me that to always “Follow your passion”.
Since from my childhood, I have worked hard and still working on perfecting my dance skills, and whatever I have earned is because of my parents and fans, as all are an ardent supporter of mine, who loves seeing me spinning and twirling on the dance floor with those graceful expressions. I was 3 years old when I found that I love to dance and since then nothing stopped me. 

Throughout my dancing journey of 20 years, my mother has played a vital role in it as she helped me to nurture my talent. Due to my parent’s support and my passion, I got the opportunity to debut in Dance India Dance (Season 5) and to represent Agartala, my hometown, on India’s Best Dancer 2020 platform, a popular dance television reality show at the age of 22. I believe that the Indian dance forms are often left unnoticed and are getting obsolete. Having blessed with amazing skills, I want to teach people and help others to learn Indian dance forms before it gets extinct.
I aspire to return all that trust, favour and hard work which my parents and fans have for me through serving the community of dancers & by teaching them. From a bud to a flower,

I had a wonderful journey, where I have learnt to live my passion and I have had many encounters with people who are willing to learn a new dance form and me, being a fortunate enough, I have helped them to learn and now they too are blooming like a flower. I want to help more and more people out there who dream of being on the list of top dancers and want to assist them by teaching them how to dance gracefully perfect and help them shine bright in the world.

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