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Hi guys! I’m Prashant, a photographer living in Dehradun. I am the founder and photographer at Creating Tales, a company that specializes in taking wedding pictures. I hope that my photos bring joy to the ones who see them.

People are drawn to things of beauty, and I want to elevate its magnificence with my camera. There are certain qualities that I value while shooting – and my top three are composition, timing, and the feeling it evokes in the viewer. You may have noticed certain images that capture your interest for longer than a few seconds – these pictures nail the qualities of a good photograph.
A lot of people that wish to take up photography get overwhelmed by the sheer technicalities that they usually get bombarded with on the internet. I hope for my community on HelpMetry to be one where you can converse with like-minded folks about the craft.
If you want to take your photography capabilities to the next level, I am available to either answer any of your queries or give tutoring sessions by which you could improve your skills. I will also give exclusive updates as well as put up tips and tricks on how to take the best shot.
As Tony Robbins said, “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” Join me as I guide you through the complexities of the art.

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