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Hi everybody! I’m Himanshu Dandvate, a hardcore Marathi lad, TikToker, photography, Fashion enthusiast, dancer, and social media influencer. I love creating funny videos on TikTok that resonate with my viewers. My mission is to bring a smile of joy on your face.

Although TikTok was a recent addition to the various platforms that have ruled the market (after its merging with, the app has become extremely popular with the youngsters. Many users felt that since TikTok didn’t need any expensive equipment (as in the case of good YouTube videos), it was more accessible.

I started out on TikTok hoping for it to be a way to pass time and create entertaining videos for my friends and followers. I am glad and grateful that my videos have connected with a vast number of users that have converted into my loyal followers. I hope that my viewers also join me here on HelpMeTry and aid me in making more content. And I pray that you enjoy the perks that are on offer here!

There are multiple benefits that I have decided to offer my supporters. Every follower of mine that contributes will get to be a part of my community. I hope that this group will be a safe haven from all the trolls and negativity for my fans. Additionally, I will be posting some of my videos exclusively for my HelpMeTry supporters. I will be updating my fans on the latest development with regards to my content and life.

For those contributors that pay a higher amount, I will have a ‘duet’ with them on TikTok. A select number of fans will also get the opportunity to submit their videos for me to react to them. For the new joiners, I’ll be tagging them on my recent videos.

There are a lot of you that would want to make it big as a TikToker. If you are interested in that benefit, I will either be conducting Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions or host a Hangouts session where I’ll take your questions regarding anything under the sun.

So hop on board! Let us unleash our creativity and make the world a better and more entertained place.

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