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Hi, I am Garima. I’m an award-winning photographer based in Delhi with 6 years of experience clicking pictures for a variety of brands. I love telling stories with my camera and have a keen eye for the right angle, lighting and feeling. I am passionate about travelling and am a fitness enthusiast.

My passion for photography led me to formally study the art at Triveni Kala Sangam as well as Life Academy under two of the best photographers in the country. My areas of expertise include advertising, food and beverage, fashion, and travel. I am also a certified digital marketer with proficiency in Brand Communication, Social Media Marketing and Marketing Analytics.
Having learnt my craft from Dr O P Sharma and Professor Iqbal Mohamed has greatly helped me hone my skills. I am fascinated by the various aspects that go into making a photograph, and my top picks to get the perfect shot are the finer details, lighting and the emotion that you want to express through that shot.
If you have ever wondered about how a professional photographer is able to capture and showcase the essence of the object with his camera, you have come to the right place. You will be given access to my community on HelpMeTry, where you can talk about your shared love for photography.
If you choose to be from my higher tier supporters, you could also get the opportunity to directly ask me questions pertaining to photography. You will also get a live 1-hour session where I’ll walk you through choosing the best camera, lighting and understanding how it affects the pictures clicked, and much more. So hop on and start your adventure with me.   

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