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Hello food lovers! My name is Meghna, head chef at the Meghna Food Magic cooking channel on YouTube. I am passionate about handpicked recipes to which I added a magical Indian touch or as everyone calls it, Meghna's food magic. I have specialized in a wide variety of cuisines. I love to eat and cook

My recipes are mostly made with everyday ingredients which can be found in most households! My cooking videos are short, to the point, and family-friendly! You can easily learn how to cook by just following my videos on Meghna food Magic as I know how to present cooking in an approachable way.

I have started on a journey with a vision to bring international cuisines on one table. You will find a variety of cooking recipes such as alo sabzi, anda burji, mango phirni, grilled chicken, til gud k ladu, chicken fried rice and you will also find dessert recipes like a chocolate strawberry smoothie, gajjar ka halwa, marble cake and many more.

Ever wonder why some gravies are better than others?

My videos will answer your questions. I mix my recipe walkthroughs with tips and tricks that apply to regular home cooks but is surprisingly dense with useful cooking information. These videos go deep on the basics of cooking and help one the uninitiated into being self-sufficient.

And yes, of course, I have a ton of different ideas and techniques for your kitchen which will help you to gobble down. My videos will give you step by step guidance therefore it will be easy for you to follow and cook. All I can say, there's a wealth of information on recipes and different techniques and loads of other great stuff to be mined from my YouTube channel.

If you have any culinary adventure or a hidden technique that you use in your kitchen, you can Share it once you join my community here. Lets Go !!
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Chef Meghna

26 Aug 2020 01:39:02
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A quick and effective way to prepare the onions.

  • Comment by Creator Profile on May 01 2020



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