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HI am, Ankit Badal, the one who has got a lot of love from my subscribers who loves my Youtube videos on Unknown Bollywood information. I am a Youtuber who adores giving my viewers some crispy information about there favourite Bollywood stars which includes people of all genres.

Do you like to stay updated on Bollywood masala gossips? Who doesn’t want to know the unknown facts about their favourite Bollywood star?
I believe that we Indian have some special corner for Bollywood stars in our heart and I adore them too. Some of us love Salman Khan and some can even die to meet Sharukh Khan and Just imagine the beautiful and melodious Bollywood singer voices like of Lata Mangeshkar, R.D Burman or Shreya Ghoshal. Yes, they are all amazingly talented to entertain us. Am I right? I hope, Yaa.

So here I am, Ankit Badal, the one who has got a lot of love and appreciation from my subscribers who has loved my Youtube videos on Unknown Bollywood information. I am a Youtuber who loves to give my viewers information about there favourite Bollywood stars which includes people of all genres like actors, singers, directors, producers and lots more. I started my Youtube channel in 2019 as I wanted people to know, behind the scenes of the music space and the famous actor lives. I dig into sources of information, collect them and create a video for you guys and always try to deliver the purest form of information to you. I am thankful to all my followers who support me and find my videos entertaining.

Apart from being a full-time Youtuber, I love reading books and listening to music in my spare time. I hate to find myself free because I love working and I constantly feel like to provide the hottest and up to date information about Bollywood to my viewers, and to do that I always hunt for Bollywood gossips. I believe that Bollywood is an integral part of our lives and since our childhood, we follow them and find them as our role model. If ever we get to see our favourite star face-to-face, we feel like being at the top of the world. Their mere glance is a world for us. Whenever any of us go to Mumbai, we always plan to visit Jalsa (Amitabh Bacchan’s House) or Mannat (Sharukh Khan’s House). For some of us, it’s like a religious spot that we feel satisfied by simply staring it from the streets. Isn’t it? Then why are we not supposed to dig out more information about our stars and get a chance to know them even better? They are the public figures and they being in that position are always supposed to entertain their fans by sharing their lives with us. So here my work comes in where I, after researching information about these stars, share it with you guys to get entertained. Any of the information which I provide guys are not for shaming or embarrassing any public figure, but it is for the entertainment purpose only. So I always make sure to deliver the unfiltered information to you without any edited information.

Helpmetry has provided me with the platform to grow and shine out on social media, & obviously, it would be only possible with my followers’ support. I want to create more and more quality content for my viewers with beautiful graphics and by using other new-age technologically advanced ways which other Youtubers use and are more successful in their work. I do not want to lag because of the lack of technological reach and this would only be possible if you guys can support me financially and emotionally. With your support, I would share some unique and exclusive content pieces on this platform and would never disappoint you guys. So, if you want to support me then what are you waiting for?
Coz’ supporting other’s success, won’t ever dampen yours! :)

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