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Hi! My name is Dimple Mangal and I am a major fitness enthusiast. I am an ardent TikTok user and love posting content either related to fitness or on memes. It brings me immense joy when I know that I have either brought a smile to someone's face, or have guided them towards a healthy lifestyle.

TikTok has helped me (as it has helped countless people across the globe) find my voice, and given me a chance to showcase it. I had initially joined multiple social media platforms as a means to keep in touch with my friends and also post funny random content. Since YouTube requires more effort and time to be invested, I don’t post as much content on that platform. On the other hand, a 15-second video (with the help of filters) does the job on TikTok.

My foray into posting fitness-related content happened because of the positive impact that exercising and healthy living had in my life. Apart from giving you a massive self-esteem boost, it also helps you stay grounded and helps to get emotionally recharged.

I am pleasantly surprised and overjoyed by the amount of love and support I have received from my fans on TikTok. Never in my wildest dreams have I thought that I would reach the position that I am at right now. And for that, I have my dear fans to thank (that includes you too!).

For starters, I will be offering all my supporters on HelpMeTry entry into my community. I hope that this group is a chill atmosphere where my fans can get together and have discussions on any topic without it getting ugly. You will also get updates on the newest developments as and when it comes about.

Another set of rewards that I have planned includes an Ask Me Anything (AMA) sessions once in two months and fan recognition. In the AMAs, you will get to – literally – ask me anything. I’ll be tagging the new joiners on any of my social media channels.

For the highest contributors, you will either get a chance to duet with me on topics that I cover on TikTok. That could either include exercising with me or creating a funny video. I’ll also be hosting a live tutoring class for the highest tier members once in three months.

Get off that chair and get cracking!

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Welcome to my corner! Make yourself comfortable. For your support, you will get:

  • Access to my community.
  • Updates regarding any developments happening at my end.

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Now we're really talking. For your backing, you will get all the rewards available to the previous tier, and:

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You are now a part of my core team. For your contributions, you get all the benefits of the last two levels, plus:

  • A duet with me - either an exercising or a funny video.
  • Live exercising class once every three months.