Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

Tips to Fund Your YouTube Projects With HelpMeTry

Crowdfunding becomes more and more popular day by day. And, why not, it is the most trusted mode of raising funds, people have ever had. With the artistic pages running on one of the best crowdfunding platforms in India, Helpmetry, people are seeking benefits for their life.  

Then why are you lagging behind? It’s there for you to come and embrace the best helping hand anytime.

Do you want to know, how does this work? Get the most compelling way to get into easy fundraising here at Helpmetry.

The foremost requirement to get into it is to create a compelling content for whatever reasons you need monetary support. And it is very clear these days that multimedia content with compelling videos are more likely to appeal to people, drags more attention and attract even more number of fans.

We, being one of the trusted crowdfunding sites for YouTubers, help you get the recurrent source of income smoothly.

Fundraising sites for youtubers

Why is YouTube essential?

With around billions of users and more than billions of videos watched daily, YouTube offers a huge opportunity to network and share your crowdfunding cause.

If you can make compelling videos that stand out on this social media channel, then you can rapidly attract support for your artistic delivery at your page on the fundraising sites for YouTubers.

Then again comes the point how is it possible? In order to transform YouTube viewers into active artistic page benefactors, it is essential that the creative campaign creators must utilize YouTube’s full capabilities and networks.

Actually, a compelling and engaging video can drive your viewers to support you as much as they can. This can also induce them to spread the word on their social networks.

A number of YouTubers and other artists are getting their project funded by using one of the best crowdfunding sites in India like Helpmetry.

Undoubtedly, YouTube is an important video channel for all types of campaigns. This is just one of the trusted crowdfunding sites for youtubers. But every YouTuber is not competent enough to raise funds for their video creations due to some loops and no proper implementations. Those loops are needed to be filled up to get better results.

Let us help you how…

How Helpmetry can help Youtubers?

Helpmetry is one of the emerging crowdfunding platforms that let you start as a content creator to run a subscription service like Netflix for your fans. Here you can start a page where you can showcase and amuse your viewers with anything from writing a novel, creating a dramatic video, or funding a YouTube project.

When you start your page here you’ll have to set a time period. It’s an ongoing crowdfunding campaign, but rather than paying once on a project, your fans and supporters will make you earn consistently as they will support you by paying a minimum of Rs. 30 per month. You are being paid monthly to continue creating on an ongoing basis.

Whatever is your cause being a Youtuber, whether funding your travel and equipment expenses to your YouTube channel or you want funds for any other project, you need to make an inducing page with a  compelling pitch video. You can effectively make it happen by endorsing your page with a short YouTube video or trailer about your project.

Discuss your project well and how it will help your viewers in that short video. Many of the enthusiastic YouTubers have successfully funded all kinds of projects using their channel and Helpmetry.

We are here to help you learn how simple it is to make the most of YouTube as a social network.

Being one of the top emerging crowdfunding sites for YouTubers, Helpmetry is always there to assist you with beneficial tips.

Just have a glance over it.

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  1. Drag Attention with Attractive videos

As we all know, YouTube videos are catchier that attract viewers for different reasons, comprising the exclusivity, creativity, or persuasive nature of the content. Viewers are specifically drawn to some stories that usually explain something they want to know. Hence, try to make your viewers laugh or cry, or create a connection with them, give them a topic that entices them.

So, to attract more views and attention, plan your video content well to fit the desires of your viewers. The number of viewers watches and shares your videos, the more you will get the benefit as they will help spread awareness of your online fundraising cause at the best crowdfunding sites for Youtubers.

  1. Freshness in Content Retains Engagement

Freshness in the piece of content on your YouTube channel offers more value to visitors and builds visibility. You need to edit the content regular as it builds loyalty in a community that is devoted to watching and sharing your fresh and engaging videos.

Do an extensive research on various aspects of your story so as to feature it well on our page for artists. Get a clear inspiration and then create an awe-inspiring content for your page.

Being an enthusiastic creator you need to know how to tackle the tastes of your audience to make them engaged every time they visit your page on Helpmetry.

Use or share as much your personal photos in the content as you can to showcase the genuineness.

  1. Create Effective Titles and Descriptions

An effective title and description help make any video reachable. It is the headline and introduction that works on your top of your page in online search results when people look for topics similar to your cause.

Usually, viewers are quite smart these days. They first take a glance over the details and then decide whether a video is a “must-see” or not.

So it is advised to take time to craft them thoughtfully, with the aim of enticing not just followers but to induce more and more people to hit “play” on your video.

Add researched hashtags and words that are usually on search terms.

  1. Expanding the Reach of Your Videos is Must

The contents of the video on your YouTube channel serve as brilliant tools for online advertising.  Your first step starts by adding your videos to your Helpmetry fundraiser page. Share as much as you can on social media.

  1. Ask for Assistance in Every possible way Viewer can

In each video, mention the prominent and all possible ways you’d like the give viewers as rewards in lieu of their financial support.

By mentioning the ways you hope people will respond you can help yourself the best. After they watch your video, don’t forget to give a friendly “call to action” that can do wonders for your artistic approach towards any creative content.

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  1. Make Connection with Viewers

Connection with the viewers is important. With compelling content, you can persuade your viewers to make online contributions at Helpmetry creator’s page. Request your fans to share your videos with their social networks.  

Encourage them to subscribe your YouTube channel, like and share your videos and end up by adding genuine comments with messages of support for your beneficiary. Don’t leave any look of over exaggeration in the content.

  1. Annotations Help the Best

Adding annotations to your video can give an extra benefit. These can be links or something like notes that is seen in the video at specific times. Utilize them to link your fundraiser or to ask for assistance during your video.

Making it even easier, it is now possible to get earned on monthly basis, just with the help of a huge fan base. Helpmetry is an ideal crowdfunding model for the youtubers who create content on regular basis and of course, they would like to be compensated for this from their fans.

The power of YouTube as a fundraising platform is becoming huge day by day. Now it’s time to get the same fame and income with Helpmetry. By making proper use of our creator’s page, get funded on a big level.

Growing number of YouTubers backed by their millions of subscribers are earning huge with the help of leading fundraising sites for Youtubers.  

What are you thinking now?

Step ahead and get the best value for your stunning online reputation and fan base by creating a crowdfunding page on Helpmetry. To get supported by a fan base feels really something amazing than to a boss-employee relationship.

Make sure, you use these tips adeptly before you make videos for your viewers. Get inspired by great crowdfunding contents and pages, and start your page now at!