Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

How to make money as a writer with a fan base?

Writers are the unique creators who put in distinctive thoughts into words and express emotions through their writing. It does not matter if a writer has a huge fan base or not, he/she can turn the mind of thousands of people if follows the right path.

Do you agree on this fact? I am sure you too, but you must be unaware of the path where to utilize your creativity.

Here we have come up with an easy path through which a writer can generate money with the help of a huge fan base and make your creations famous.

Yes, you read it right. Being a writer you can use HelpMeTry to get connected to the fans and make money. Crowdfunding can advertise and pre-sell your book or the creative idea in the best way any other method can.

Not every writer succeeds to turn a profit, but the ability to raise money as well as reader enthusiasm before expenses is really a valuable resource. This is possible with CROWDFUNDING.

Have a look at some of the important aspects in which crowdfunding can help talented writers.

How does crowdfunding work?

For many of the people crowdfunding means quick money—support is the second half of the combination. But crowdfunding is much more valued than just the capital raised.

First, crowdfunding consolidates and arranges your fan base.

This is the vital part of crowdfunding as you get connected with each and every follower. Unlike marketing your book through high-end stores or online bookstores, where your buyer’s information is hidden from the author, you get all the contact information of everyone who pre-orders your book on your crowdfunding page.  You know the number of people who are supporting you and with which amount.

HelpMeTry organizes the crowdfunding page where you can presell your creative idea or the thought behind the book.  

Second, crowdfunding is the best publicizing boot camp and publication day preparation. Selling your books could be hard if you are not a born hustler. The only thing that makes it easier is a perfect platform, and crowdfunding page at HelpMeTry is a great choice to start getting connected with your fans and appeal them to buy your creation.

If you become practiced enough to sell your book before it exists, you can then sell it once it does.

Crowdfunding more literally does,

Facilitate raising money for your book through a custom crowdfunding page,

You can pre-sell your book for a predefined time and a target required amount,

Through a pitch video, words, and images start making your crowdfunding page a great success.

Crowdfunding may be more challenging for authors than for other artists as it requires some skills that most writers do not commonly practice.

Your crowdfunding campaign is a great chance for attaining and improving the following skills.


You may think it’s dreadful to humbly boil your book down to a tweet. But if you can’t express your written creation in a post in least possible words, then you can’t sell it. Successful crowdfunding page relies on the use of hooks in the form of

•    video,

•    Tagline,

•    Description,

•    Emails, and

•    Social media promotion

Hooks are implemented on your crowdfunding page, your book’s cover copy, and everywhere else future readers go to discover your book.  

Visual design:

There are exclusions, but the superior a person’s capability with words, the inferior their skills at graphic design.  Your writing sometimes may not work and sell your book but good graphic designs can. Your cover of the book sells your creation. The pitch video is an essential part. If your crowdfunding page consists of a boring pitch video followed by screens of text, then it will not help appeal the fans and raise the money you want for your book.

Make it more appealing, like give more in less.

Here are some tips that a writer should follow if he/she is being an aspiring crowdfunders.

Build your audience first

Genuine buyers for your book could not spring out of the air. For this, you need to build in a network first, apart from Twitter and Facebook followers.

Before you decide to create a crowdfunding page with one of the best platforms in India, HelpMeTry around your brilliant idea for writing, make sure you’ve put some efforts into building an author platform.

Spread a word

Spread a word about your creation; pitch a video in your contacts, focus on social media posts and guest posts. Use your social media accounts better to link with all who are interested in the kind of work you deliver.

Work Hard

Actually, the crowdfunding page requires efforts from the first day of creation. It’s not that you started a page and the potential buyers will start jumping on your idea. In reality, it is a day-to-day hustle and the page you create to crowdfund your book needs constant maintenance to keep the momentum going.

With the help of leading crowdfunding platform, you can lead your followers by tackling their requirements and convincing them that you will fulfill their dose of entertainment.

HelpMeTry helps lead your idea off the ground and get compensated even if it’s in your mind. For that, you just need to impress your followers by creating a page with us.

This is a membership platform that helps you as a writer to run a subscription service like Netflix for your fans. It is an on-going crowdfunding page. However, it works differently, not on a single project for once.

Rather than paying once per project, you will be paid monthly to continue your writing on an unending basis. Only your fans that love your creation and have faith in your future deliveries will be able to support you. This would be a simple process starting with becoming your follower first and paying a recurring monthly payment as low as Rs. 30/month.

No one would be required to pay more than they could afford.

The whole scenario of starting a page and earn from the fan base depends on the bonding you have your fan base. They would love to involve only if you cater their demands well and offer them recurring gifts as well.

So are you going to start your page now? Do you have any other experience of starting a crowdfunding campaign?

Then we would like to hear from you.

Just give a try to this consistent way of earning, utilize your talent better. Start your page now.