Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

How is Helpmetry different from other Crowdfunding Websites like Kickstarter in India?

Crowdfunding is one of the finest ways to get your creative idea and talent off the ground. Creative artists usually look for the best website for starting a fundraising page like Kickstarter.

However, there are similar sites also that you can use to raise the capital you need. Some work great while others to some extent, exactly the same as Kickstarter.

But what if I tell you that there is one of the best websites such as Kickstarter in India that can provide more flexible funding models depending on what you’re trying to achieve.

Yes… that would be a treat for every creative artist who wants to create but looks of sufficient financial backing. It is Helpmetry.

This is the name that is helping the unconventional innovators and bridging the gap between creators and their fans. is one of the crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter in India.

Funding to pursue innovation and creativity is quite rare in India. Especially, if the person has no connection with the viewers and audiences, seeking financial help would be difficult.

The lack of transparency and accountability with the use of funds is always an issue to support the performers.

Crowdfunding websites like Helpmetry are filling the lack of transparency providing an open platform to the creators where they can pitch videos, create content, get connected with their fans and appeal to them for financial backing in lieu of some rewards.


Websites like Kickstarter in India

Here I will discuss some of the specialties that Helpmetry possesses which makes it one of the best crowdfunding websites in India.

Succeeding In High Competition

Helpmetry is succeeding with its innovative concept of membership based crowdfunding in this exciting new space. In the same sense, it is also confronting the international websites like Kickstarter in India.

After all potential funders would like to donate funds to the best projects, would pick the most compelling ideas that catch their fancy. And we are taking all care to that only the genuine creators get the best treatment and the finest support they should get.

Creative Categories for Content Pages

This creative crowdfunding platform follows a rigorous curation process before giving a green signal to the project.

There are 10 creative categories under which the artists have to succeed in creating a page. These are

  1.    Crafts
  2.    Design
  3.    Clothing
  4.    Technology
  5.    Journalism
  6.    Film And Video
  7.    Food
  8.    Games
  9.    Photography
  10.    Music

Every fundraising content page has to be well-defined, reward based and time bound. It must have a work-in-progress type to showcase. Once any project is approved, the next step is to create the fundraising page with compelling content, pitch videos, and rewards. We allow any artists to launch his or her campaign on our platform if he/she falls under the mentioned categories.

Works with the campaigners to create content

If you take a look at the artists’ crowdfunding page at, especially the pitch video then you will get to know about the devotion. Each and every page is created in a unique way to make the viewers engrossed in funding that particular idea. To help with this bit of hard sell Helpmetry helps the artists on their content, pitch video, design and so on.

Making Money Is Just A Matter Of Math Here

If you can make enough content or product on regular basis then your true fans will buy an average of Rs. 300 of product/content from you each year. If you have 1000 fans that do this, you will be getting Rs 3, 00,000 that year. That’s a pretty decent living for any of the newcomers to the industry.

Helpmetry works in a similar way. Those who want to support you can become your fans and start to give you a certain amount of money either every month, or per creation. Whether they pay Rs30 or Rs500, with several contributors, your income adds up quickly. The maths is higher the number of devoted fans, greater would be your monthly income.

HelpMeTry combines one-time crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter with the idea of a regular paycheck to the artists. As the average amount to support you would be Rs 30, your fans don’t have to pay more than that. Hence, anyone can afford to support you each month.

Generates More Soothing Fan-Creator Relationship

You might be overwhelmed by the idea of having 1000 different bosses. However, the fan-creator relationship is quite different from the boss-employee relationship we bring up here. They want to support you because they like what you do. Many of them look up to you and will appreciate you no matter what. You can create one piece of content and share it with your 1000 fans. Instead of getting paid once for your creation, you’ll be paid by each of your fans!

Helpmetry Works Similar To The 1000 True Fans Theory

The idea behind it is that you can support yourself with 1000 true fans. A true fan is someone who buys everything you create and eagerly waits for the future content. Whether it is those who drive hundreds of miles to see you perform or those who listen to your latest programme, the moment it comes out, you can count on true fans to support you no matter what.

What’s new here?


Fans, customers, patrons are existing in the creator’s world forever. What’s new here? A couple of things are there.

The direct relationship with the customers was the default mode in the old times. But the modern transaction runs over no direct contact with the consumers. Even the publishers, studios, labels and manufacturers did not have much crucial info as the name of their customers.

But the latest technology lets the creators maintain a friendly relationship so the customer can become a fan. Also the technology followed here at Helpmetry helps the creator keeps the track of the total amount of payment, as well as the number of fans.  

Comparison To Kickstarter Itself

Kickstarter is a very renowned name these days, almost identical with crowdfunding, as the most popular site to raise funds for creative projects. 5% of the raised funds are charged with an all-or-nothing model that forms urgency. However, it leads to the loss of all funds if the goal isn’t met. Furthermore, 3-5% transaction fee is also applicable. It has a recognized name, with highest site traffic that allows an enhanced project visibility.

But some glitches are there like approval process, confined to creative projects, lets projects based in the US and UK only.

While Helpmetry is a membership platform that helps you as a content creator to run a subscription service like Netflix for your fans. It’s an on-going crowdfunding campaign, that helps the creator earn consistently rather than getting funded once per project. The creators are paid monthly to sustain creating on an on-going basis.

Your fans will support yours by paying a recurring monthly payment as low as Rs 30/month.

We chase down the declined payments

We track fan history and value

We shield you from any chargebacks

With a minimum of 8% fees, we really help the creators get succeeded in their planning without much burden.

Now it’s your turn to decide which platform suits you well.

Did you find the information useful and is it useful to you to take the important decision of your career?

I hope all confusion is clear now. Then why wait, just create your page now with us at!