Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

How does HelpMeTry help to the Stand-Up Comedians?

Do you think just learning the script and presenting it in front of viewers is all enough? No, it’s definitely not. Hours and hours of practice and meticulousness make any artist a perfectionist in comedy. Stand up comedians are the real hard workers.

Tremendously successful stand-up comedians in India had to spend a decade in nurturing their craft from a simple mimic role to the lead host of one of the most viewed comedy serials.

The whole thing comes out to this is you need to put a lot of efforts to become famous.

But what if I tell you can you can easily earn for your talent? Yes… Crowdfunding sites for stand-up comedians in India, Helpmetry do this perfectly.

Take a sigh of relief and devote a little time to read this blog as this will unveil some of the facts like the requirement of a stand-up comedian in society, how can they get more exposure, a recurrent source of income and a simple way to success.

Helpmetry is one of such platform where fans take a subscription service like Netflix. It is an ongoing project. Fans not really paying their favourite standup artists, they are supporting them actually in terms of payment. You will get paid monthly for your creations from your fans on a recurring basis.

Our crowdfunding platform is a model for podcasters, YouTubers, musicians, journalists, artists, etc. This platform helps artists like you get funding directly from your fans.

Crowdfunding sites for stand up comedians in India

What a stand-up comedian’s career all about?

Comedians have their own concepts of entertaining people and so is the concept of crowdfunding sites to sustain the dreams of newcomers.

A comedian or a comic is an individual who entertains the audience by making them laugh. It can be through jokes, making remember to the audience some amusing situation, acting like a fool, employing prop comedy and so on. They also can opt for mimicry to someone special and broadcast their talent.

Crowdfunding sites for stand-up comedians in India give them the chance to get connected to the public directly.

Why stand-up comedians are the need of society?

Nowadays people are so busy that they do not have time to laugh also. So the comedy becomes the happiest moment for them. Stand-up comedians show their talent in online and became famous as movie stars and great musicians. It also helps them to earn money.

Creativity is an art and it has no limit. Every layman does not have this quality. The person who has, for them crowdfunding campaigns can act as a boon to connect with their fans directly. Creative crowdfunding helps to raise funds through creative pages. This creative page can include content to raising funds for a feature film, an event, painting walls and much more.

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Types of Crowdfunding that can help stand-up comedians

There are different types of crowdfunding for the artists.  These are discussed below:

    • Donation-based crowdfunding: In this, the content creator needs not to pay the backer because it is like a donation. But if campaigners want, they can thank donors by giving the gift like gift hampers, calling them on social media, etc.
    • Reward-based crowdfunding: In this type of crowdfunding people can help in the project in return of some rewards. For example, if anyone investing in the film the business owner has to give some reward to for that help.  

Helpmetry runs on the basis of reward-based crowdfunding. Here the fans will always buy their favorite comedians’ creations.

True fans will buy an average of Rs.1000 of product/content in each year. So if 1000 fans buy it will become 10, 00,000 in one year. It is a quite decent amount which a comedian can earn.

Our platform supports performer exactly in this similar way. Whenever fans will take a subscription or pay Rs. 30 or Rs. 500 you are supposed to get that payment monthly.

There are some other creative reasons for which you can start a page with us to raise funds:

  • Filmmaking: Filmmaking a tedious and expensive process. Because of its cost of filming equipment, locations, the salary of the actors, marketing, advertisement, etc. Here stand-up comedian also performs, so crowdfunding websites for artists will help them to pay that amount.   
  • Cultural events: The cultural events include Bharatanatyam contest, musical event, drama, etc. Helpmetry helps them by providing the cost for the selected venue, costumes of the attendees, for the arrangements, etc. through the number of potential fans they can make through social connections.
  • Publishing books: There are so many authors have the writing talent. But they are waiting for funds to publish their books. Some will publish with their own money. But they are stuck and waiting for the publishing house.

But they do not have to do that from now.

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Helpmetry is there to support them to reach the publishing house through their content page.

It also helps them to get a financial help as much as possible to publish their book.

  • Poetry and stand up acts: Stand-up comedy is the profession that helps gain popularity to a person as a comedian. Comedian can involve comedy clubs, social media comedy group. Artists even can ask supports from established artists.

The advantages of Crowdfunding

Helpmetry provides the great benefits to an artist being one of the best Crowdfunding sites for stand up comedians in India:

  1. It provides access to capital: Crowdfunding is a platform where they give funds or share amount to the stand-up comedians with the exchange of tangible products or other relative gifts.
  2. It serves as a marketing tool: crowdfunding makes painless to get genuine traffic of the comedian’s website and different social media pages. It allows receiving thousands of unique fans to the website.
  3. It gives proof of concept: crowdfunding websites for comedians will help to show and convince the fans about new stand-up comedians so that he receives sufficient market validation.
  4. It allows crowdsourcing of brainstorming: Because of crowdsourcing, a new or upcoming stand-up comedian will receive fresh comments, feedback, and innovative ideas.
  5. It introduces prospective loyal followers or fans: Helpmetry will help the new comedian to share their message, intent, and purpose of their craft to their fans.
  6. It’s easier than traditional application: Crowdfunding won’t take much time to get started with it. Just creating a content page is the requirement. Helpmetry is the best platform even for the new comedians.
  7. Free PR: Public Relation is the vital requirement of being an artist. Crowdfunding helps to maintain a positive relationship between fans and stand-up comedians.

Helpmetry is the best platform for the growing stand-up comedian and also who are already established, comedian.

You might be overwhelmed with the idea of having 1000 different bosses. However, the fan-creator relationship is quite different from the boss-employee relationship. This is what we do to clear your passage to smooth and recurrent earning.

What do you have to say on this being a standup comedian? Would you like to switch to crowdfunding to showcase your creations to your fans and earn from them on regular basis?

Or still, want to wait for a big break?

If crowdfunding appeals you then don’t wait. Start your page with us now!