Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

How Crowdfunding is Helping Out Instagram Creators in India?

Are you an Instagram freak? If yes, then you know very well, how important your followers are. Everyday users spend millions of hours scrolling through Instagram feeds. They aren’t only searching for pictures of products. They’re searching for compelling visual experiences that excite them. This is the way an artist, whether a painter, dancer, musician or handicraft maker, can engage the maximum number of viewers and earn simultaneously.

However, appealing a large number of audience is not that easy. Instead of aiming to appease the world, focus on captivating a core audience. Turn your audience to your supporter. It is easy with the help of crowdfunding sites for Instagram in India.

Helpmetry is a one of a kind open platform for the artistic people to generate a recurrent source of income. They build a bridge between you and your fans who are genuinely interested in your offering.

Those who want to support you can become your fans and pledge to give you a certain amount of money each month, here at this platform. Whether they pay Rs 30 or Rs 500, with several contributors, your income adds up quickly.

Crowdfunding Sites for Instagram

How Helpmetry is useful for Instagram creators?

One of the leading crowdfunding sites for Instagram users in India, Helpmetry is there to help you build a better connection with your enthusiastic fans. This is, however, possible with a creative content page at our website.

Here you can deliver your artistic creations to your fans and followers on Instagram – which is much more achievable than throwing content to the masses and expecting it to stick.

Helpmetry is one of the trusted names in the crowdfunding sector that helps the artists remunerated on a recurrent basis. This platform helps any creative person who creates content on a regular basis and would like to be rewarded for it.

HelpMeTry enables you to draw an ongoing income from your huge fan-base by asking for their support in terms of costs on a per-month basis. It’s an ideal crowdfunding model for not only the Instagram creators but for the podcasters, YouTubers, musicians, journalists, artists, and anyone else who creates content on a regular basis. It is for those would like to be compensated for their artistic creations as well. It allows artists to receive funding directly from their fans on a recurring basis.

Understanding your audience is the essential element to any marketing campaign. Once you know what your followers want, giving it to them is simple.


Here are some tips to make a crowdfunding page compelling to drag the attention of the viewers.

Tips to Make Creative Crowdfunding Page

Create Appealing Content

It would be convenient to make content that can convince your audience to contribute to your creations. For this, you need to specify the category of audiences you have. Analyse which type of content on your Instagram is being liked the most by your followers.

Try to contribute and create following the same path. This would help to build the connection between you and your audience with which they will come and support you by paying on monthly basis.

Create Attractive Visual Appeal

Videos always work whether to deliver a message or to touch the heart of audiences if you are an artist. A creative and exciting video will help you entice your audiences and make them come back for a regular dose of artistry deliver by you.

So make them laugh, cry, amuse and enthrall. Give them a reason to be your consistent supporters and pay towards your creative deliveries.

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Use Persuasion Techniques

You can use one of the most convincing techniques like different types of perks.

Make use of Ethos. Let me explain it.

Ethos is the credibility you have among your audience and followers on Instagram. Hence, utilize your credibility by offering the content which they are fond of. When you write something or deliver a creation on your crowdfunding page, you have to make your audience trust you.

Don’t make false promises to your fans like if you’re going to offer perks, make sure to give them all. This actually needs to be mentioned clearly in your content and must be reflected in your words that you want your fans to support you seriously.

Retain Engagement With Consistent Freshness

Freshness in the piece of content on your crowdfunding page at Helpmetry helps retains more engagement of the potential fans. You need to deliver your creativity on a regular basis so as to build its loyalty in a specific community.

Do an extensive research on the types of content delivered by others and how they are able to engage viewers. This will help you deliver your skills well on our crowdfunding site for Instagram in India.

Being an enthusiastic Instagram creator you need to know how to tackle the tastes of your audience to make them engaged every time they visit your page on Helpmetry.

Use or share as much your real-time videos and clippings in the content as you can to present the genuineness and build a close connection with fans.

Your Detailed Info

It is true that you are going to be all creative for this page on crowdfunding site for Instagram in India. But some realistic stats can enhance the impression of your page.

Your fans actually want to know more about you. The reason behind your skills, the core of your creativity, the motivation that has let you stand on that stage and how far could you reach with your skills, are all the interest areas of your fan.

Also, how could you help your fans with your talent is a concern for them.

Your fame must be having a story behind which your fans would love to know.  Hence, make an enticing intro of yourself. Let them know more about you so to decide to support you.

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Make a Clear Call to Action

By mentioning all possible ways you hope people will respond you, can help you the best. At the end of your pitch video and your creative delivery, don’t forget to ask for their sponsorship.  Give a friendly “call to action” that can do wonders for your artistic approach towards any creative content.

Their minimal support can help you lead yourself ahead towards the bright future in the field of art and creativity. For any artist, the support of their fans is really very important. And here it is considered in terms of remunerations.

Making money here at Helpmetry is just a matter of math. If you make enough content or product to support it, your true fans will buy an average of Rs 300 of product/ content from you each year. If you have 1000 fans that do this, you will make Rs 3, 00,000 that year. That’s a pretty decent living for most of us.

Plan For What’s Next

Proper planning is important in all strategic steps. And if you want to build a connection with your fans to get compensated for your work and get a recurrent earning here at our platform, then planning is really very important.

It is a great way to build engagement as you need to plan every now and then for how you can engage on your account once you have built up your followers.

Well, all these secrets can set you on the wheels of success for your crowdfunding page at one of the best crowdfunding websites for Instagram in India, Helpmetry.

We here set a different stage and a different relationship for all you eager artists and creators.

I am sure the fan-creator relationship would appease you more than the boss-employee relationship. They want to support you because they like what you do. Many of them look up to you and will appreciate you no matter what.

So what’s your call to all these tips? Will you implement any of them to create an appealing crowdfunding page at Helpmetry?

If you are one of the passionate artists, looking for such a platform to get connected with your fans, want to earn on a recurrent basis, then you are at the right platform.

Just start your page now.