Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

How are Crowdfunding Sites Beneficial to the Writers in India?

Writing is an obsession. If you are one of the preys to this obsession then you have a bright future. But to shine that future right you need to publish your creations which simply require significant funding.  

I know this could be a challenging task, but a few years back. Now crowdfunding has changed the scenario.

If you belong to the community of passionate writers and looking for funding and community support then there are crowdfunding sites for writers in India to help you.

Crowdfunding site for writers in India

Helpmetry is one of the best websites to support you in this cause. This is the way through which you get a community support that makes you write and publish the book you’ve dreamt of.

Crowdfunding can help you raise funds with the help of crowdfunding creator’s page where you make a connection with a ‘crowd’ who believe in your book and want to see you succeed.

Here in this blog, you will come across with some insights of crowdfunding, how it is beneficial for a writer, some reasons to go for crowdfunding if you are a writer in India and how to start.

Why should an Author go for Crowdfunding websites in India?

A maximum number of writers is getting in this crowdfunding game which provides a good alternative to all other existing options.

Let me just illustrate it.

Think of the traditional route of getting a publisher. There are so many writers who are seeking loans for publishing their creations. But, there is a risk factor in it as if you land one; the average support given to you by a publisher would be not as accepted.

Then the self-publishing route comes that’s a gamble. You can write your book and launch it without any idea how it will perform. In case of printing hard copies, the writer or author has to bear the costs of printing, without the faintest idea of whether the next magnum opus will sell.

Then think of crowdfunding. It’s just like pre-selling your book with the additional advantage of building a strong yet immense fan base as you do it. It helps you launch your idea first and then raise funds to publish it on the demand of fans.

I firmly believe being a passionate writer you can successfully launch your book through crowdfunding if you are willing to put in all the efforts.

Crowdfunding Makes Selling of Your Book Easier

Crowdfunding is the most promising tool these days. An individual book sale is no more difficult if you have created a compelling content page here with us at Helpmetry.

That’s because here crowdfunding tends people to do more than just paying for your creations.

With crowdfunding, your patrons are the reason for the existence of your book. That’s a powerful selling tool which makes you publish only on demands. Crowdfunding sites for writers in India let you bridge the gap between you and the fans of your artwork.

Crowdfunding Impels To Buy

Crowdfunding naturally creates an impelling impact on the viewers. One of the most challenging tasks of being a writer is convincing someone to “buy now” rather than to wait and buy it later. Crowdfunding pages make it easy as they help create the page attractively with a compelling pitch video.

A Pitch Video Is There To Market You

Pitch videos are the keystone of successful crowdfunding pages. Any creator creates this on the page to enthuse its followers and fans about the creations.

However, some writers make a mistake while creating it by thinking that their pitch video is about their book. But actually, it’s not.

Well, it’s about what you can deliver to your readers and viewers. What’s the motif of your writing and how are you beneficial to the everyday readers.

However, you also need to address what your book is about, but that won’t be useful in turning your viewer into a backer.

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Some tips are there for you:

For fictional books, a writer must build up an emotional connection with the viewers. Must create the excitement about the journey of the book, and excite the backers to help you make your book exist.

For nonfictional authors, tell about the revolution your book will bring in the society.

The excitement is acceptable, but crowdfunding a book at the leading crowdfunding sites for writers in India takes an incredible commitment of time. Actually, it can be a grueling journey for many journalists.

Below are the top reasons why authors should consider crowdfunding.

  1. Crowdfunding helps contribute publishing costs

Fresh writers often underestimate the costs that it takes to get their book to the market. In order to bring a refined book to the market, a writer or author need to plan investment in at least the following services:

  •    Cover design
  •    Professional editing
  •    Interior/exterior formatting

The cost to all these can vary broadly according to the level of service you choose.

  1. It can possibly help you get a publisher

There are many trusted crowdfunding platforms for writers in India to choose from. They range from the mega-platforms to more specific websites that specifically target writer. One of the best crowdfunding sites for writers is Helpmetry that can help you succeed in publishing your dream book.

Some of the websites in India for writers can leverage their pages to potentially get a publisher. Actually, those platforms act as publishing houses themselves. So there is a chance that they will pick your creation and bring it to the market on their own.

However, some websites are there that help you create a huge fan base that will pay you on monthly basis for encouraging your writing.

Helpmetry works on the same basis. Here you can earn on the recurrent basis if you have an immense fan following.

How to Start

Before you consider launching a crowdfunding content page, you should do some research to figure out which platform is the best for you.

How do they operate and how is money distributed? Also, find the share they charge.

To make it simple for you, let me clear all these points here.

Helpmetry is one of the best crowdfunding platforms of writers in India. It is different as it is focussed on supporting the art and artists only.

It’s an ideal crowdfunding model for podcasters, YouTubers, musicians, journalists, writers, artists, and anyone else who creates content on a regular basis and would like to be compensated for it.

Whoever does not like to draw an on-going income? We here are soliciting financial support from your fans on either monthly basis or creation basis.   

Helpmetry combines one-time crowdsourcing platform with the idea of a regular paycheck.

Enjoy the maximum advantages here. Instead of getting paid once for your artwork or creations, get paid by each of your fans.

Like for all other art forms, crowdfunding is a perfect medium for today’s writer. If utilized appropriately, crowdfunding at the fundraising websites isn’t just a more resourceful way to fund a book’s publishing, it may be a better way to become famous.

So, what do you have decided now? Would you like to crowdfund your book or would opt for the usual way of publishing on your own?

Well, the savvy authors will definitely utilize crowdfunding as a tool not just to balance the costs of bringing their book to the market, but to accelerate sales and ability to build a potential audience.

Do you have any other way out for the authors to get funded successfully? Then do let us know at the comment section below.