Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

Helpmetry Helps You Earn While You Travel

Traveling to the heart across the world is like a dream come true. It takes a lot of time, effort and money, of course.  But, what if I say that some people can finance your tour and you can enjoy it to the core?

Yes, a horde of people will throw money at you so that you can travel around the world. Don’t get surprised? Though it seems like an impossible thing but is feasible now. Thanks to one of the best crowdfunding sites for travel bloggers in India, Helpmetry.

It’s now easier than ever to travel to the farthest place of the world with the support of followers of your travel blog. Come, start a page and get supported by your fans to feed them more lively videos.  

In the past, the collective efforts of raising funds have mainly been used to funding start-up companies with a new and exciting idea in exchange for the final product.

But now courageous travelers and audacious backpackers are anticipating that crowdfunding will offer much-essential funds for their once in a lifetime experiences. And this is actually working.

Have a look over it…

How does crowdfunding websites for travel bloggers in India work?

There are some websites which only accepts campaigns for noticeable creative projects. However, the crowdfunding websites like Helpmetry (best platform for content creators in India) simply provide a platform to raise money for the enthusiastic travel bloggers for sharing their outstanding experience through videos. Be confident and step ahead for your fans for the excursions, adventure traveling, shore excursion tours, sporting tours, etc.

What all you need to do is visit us and set up an account, create a page that details the type of travel you want to do for your travel blog. Being a travel blogger you know very well how to persuade people for supporting you. This could simply help you to take a chance and convince people to donate funds for your most amazing travel experience that usually have mesmerized them earlier.

But, the foremost question arises, why would a random stranger donate lump sum for your dream holiday of relaxing in a tropical paradise?

Let me give you the answer.

Well, people, these days are not so imprudent that they would fund your luxury, until and unless you give them some valid reason to do so.

Maximum time the travel bloggers are stepping ahead for a genuine good for others on their tour. And, if you’re planning to do some genuine good for others on your trip there are lot more chances that can you can raise funds in no time.  

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Hope you are well acquainted with the strategies of making travel blog earn well.

But some travel bloggers are still waiting for the apt funds. They still miss some distinctiveness in their efforts that lead them to lag behind.

If you are one of them, then shed off your worries now… and take a sigh of relief. Here, we have brought some valuable tips with the help of which you can easily crowdfund your travel.

Tips To Crowdfund Your Travel

  1. Research Well Before Stepping Ahead

It’s time to ask yourself whether anyone has done this before or not. Research well before stepping ahead about how did they fare? If yes, will it be successful, how much did other travel bloggers raise? What rewards will you offer?

According to different types of crowdfunding, some fundraisers give an option of rewards to their supporters.

  1. Study more about other fundraisers

It is said that there is no bar of learning. You can learn anywhere, anytime and from anyone. Here learn to create a compelling page by researching others. It is a continuous process. So, the more you learn, the more get into the art of compelling fans and followers. Find some other crowdfunding projects who reached their target in exact time and think, “What is so special in that? Why you are better than he to do raise at least that much!”

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What’s so special about signing in at Helpmetry is that all the creators are extraordinary here. It doesn’t matter who you are, a writer, actor, painter, travel blogger, or a person with a unique talent of amusing the audience, you get here a golden chance to earn with a petite return to your genuine viewers.

You can simply get away with putting together an impressive crowdfunding proposal.

Hence, examining others page and fundraising campaigns would help so you don’t repeat their errors.

  1. Propose Authenticity To The Backers  

After peeping in too many projects, try to be remarkable. You should have a notion why your travel plan is better than the others. Select carefully one of the top emerging crowdfunding sites for travel bloggers in India. The reason could be the reputation of the crowdfunding platform for artists, like Helpmetry, that matters a lot. Try to make it at least as interesting as those which were successfully funded.

  1. Be As Clear As You Can To The Final Product

f you want to be the first person to do something unusual, like climbing a mountain on a cycle, then make a remarkable video of you climbing a few mountains on a cycle.

Or if you want to go for scuba diving, share some pictures of the earlier experience. You can also share a picture of your interest if you are one of the beginners.  

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All this shows your seriousness and eagerness about the project, and that it is not just a pipe dream.

  1. Help Yourself First

Most successful projects start after getting half done. They use crowdfunding to cover the rest. But here at Helpmetry, we help you get the amount on monthly basis from your hardcore fans. If you have a huge fan following then you will definitely get to arrange huge amount.

First, spend for yourself. If you can spare little money, then only find believers who will provide some seed money to get started. Make them co-creator so they share the glory.

From my personal experience, the best way to find a backer is to feel like a backer first. Pledge on the leading crowdfunding sites in India to find genuine support.

Scrutinize, how the project’s creator communicates. By watching life from a benefactor’s perspective, you’ll be a better creator.

Speaking of pledging spread the word about some Unseen Project which has never been traveled like never before!

You will be happy to know that the idea of Crowdfunding the travel is older than Columbus. But to be famous and remarkable like Columbus all you need to do is follow the tips by heart.

Then visit one of the most trusted crowdfunding websites for travel bloggers in India, Helpmetry and start making an appealing campaign.

Why wait… plan your dream tour for your fans to deliver them the amazement you gather there in words, make a page on!