Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

A helpful guide to utilize crowdsourcing for Artists

Are you one of the imaginative artists? Do you know the most supportive option that can help you get connected with your fans and earn simultaneouslyThen, take a deep breath and devote quality time to read this blog as you will go through with the helpful guide to utilize crowdsourcing for artists.

Artists, creative, innovative ideas, as well as projects, are some of the most treasurable currency our country possesses. Every artist has that query in his/her mind, how to utilize their talent better. But for all those creative ideas, proper execution often seems daunting.

One of the biggest hurdles to overcome is getting the appropriate funding needed to get the project off the ground. And luckily this problem has got its indispensable solution,  CROWDSOURCING or Fundraising.  

Raising funds has become more independent in recent years, with the rise of Crowdsourcing.

Here is all that you need to know about crowdfunding for artists.

How does crowdsourcing help?

Crowdsourcing, not just in India but across the world, helps the artists to present their creativity and get funded for that. If they have an immense fan following then raising funds for their project becomes even simpler. A true fan is anyone who will buy everything you create and will eagerly await for your future deliveries.

Whether your fans are those who drive hundreds of miles to see you perform or those who follow your latest creation eagerly, the moment you create your true fans will jump on to support you no matter what.

What are the benefits of crowdsourcing?

The benefits of crowdfunding or crowdsourcing a creation are many. The most important include:

Getting a following

Crowdfunding gives not only the financial support from your fans you need to initiate your creative idea on a sound footing, but it also generates a perpetual connection with an already-committed audience.

This is genuinely supportive as they have stuck through thick-and-thin with you from the very beginning. Just with the creation of a crowdsourcing page, you’re also likely to get followers from social media as well as online coverage. But for that, you need to take the smart decision of starting your own crowdfunding page with HelpMeTryWe are one of the best crowdfunding platforms in India.  

People without a fan following can also initiate with the creation but for that their idea should be strong enough to catch hold the attention of the talent seekers.

Getting finances without going into a liability

Got a unique or impressive talent or want to start an artistic project to deliver a dose of entertainment to people with similar interests? You need not require chasing any loan branch. Instead, you should start selling it online among the fans you have building a perpetual connection with them.

HelpMeTry bridges the gap between you and your fans making a connection where they grab whatever you deliver no matter what.

Don’t forget the fact that you’re going to get funding from your fans who may be anywhere in the world. Hence, you need to take care of their demands first. You should also check for the measures time to time through which you can make them happy.

Getting market research

Crowdsourcing is relatively an economical way to conduct market research on a particular theme or art idea you have. Crowdfunding is very useful as a way to reduce conception risks.

Let’s say you have come up with an artistic idea that you think will do well and would please your followers.  When would you like to discern with idea that you’re wrong:

After you’ve built the buzz?

Or after you’ve built a page on HelpMeTry?

Crowdsourcing with HelpMeTry is a great way here to figure out whether your creative delivery has the potential to work or not. You’re going out directly to your fans here and will see if anyone is willing to pay for a great idea.

Which crowdfunding platform to choose?

A huge number of crowdfunding platforms are there in the sphere of crowdfunding in India. Kickstarter, Indiegogo, Gofundme, artists are, etc. This could make you confuse as which platform to choose to start a crowdfunding platform.

But you need to pick out the best among all.

Here are some facts that make HelpMeTry the best among all.

HelpMeTry is a membership platform that supports an artist as a content creator to start a subscription service like Netflix for their fans.

It is an on-going crowdfunding page initiated for the fans to make an association, rather than paying once per project.

Here you will be paid monthly as funded by your fans in exchange of regular artistic deliveries to continue creating on an on-going basis.

We empower you to earn an enduring income from your fans on a per-month basis. The artists will receive funding directly from their fans on a recurring basis. Those who want to support you, with the only condition of becoming your fan, can pledge you a certain amount per month or per creation.

One of the best features possessed is the flexibility. Your fans have to support you financially with the minimum sum of Rs. 30. They don’t have to pay more than they can afford to support you each month.

Who can start a crowdfunding page with Helpmetry?

HelpMeTry enables the artist to build a connection with fans and to start drawing a regular income from the crowd. This is done by soliciting donations or financial support from the fans either on a per-month or per-creation basis. It is an open platform for the artists who create and want to reach out each and every fan directly.

Hence, it’s an ideal crowdfunding platform for podcasters, painters, designers, YouTubers, musicians, journalists, artists, and anyone else that is creative enough has a great fan base and wants to get funding for those consistent deliveries.

Hope this guide will clear all your queries regarding crowdsourcing.

Do you want to start your own crowdfunding page?

There is nothing wrong in showcasing your talent and if you can earn with your talent without getting stuck in obligations, then why not give a try.

Make your fans feel special by asking them for emotional as well as financial support.

Start your crowdfunding page now.