A Glance Over Top Emerging Crowdfunding Sites In India

One of the hardest aspects of leading a blissful life is to get sufficient finances for a creative approach. To earn sufficient finances on a regular basis from your awe-inspiring creations is sometimes difficult. But not all the times!

You can earn with your talent if you get a proper platform of connecting with your fans and followers.  

Have you ever thought that your huge fan base on social media can help you earn on a recurrent basis?

Then let me tell you, now you have an opportunity to get funded on regular basis from your followers and fans.

These days getting financial help is no more a thought-provoking undertaking.

But if you are an artist and have the talent to create a huge fan base, then you can get remunerated for your creations.

Yes, you read it right. You can get a sufficient amount of funds from the fans you have made through your talent.

Crowdfunding has burst out as an innovative way to raise funds for artistic and amusing creations.  This is a new form of capital development came out to help the imaginative people like you, emerged in the wake of the financial crisis.

So, do you stand amongst that art encouraged people looking for your fans to support you at the time of financial crisis? Then you are at the right place where you can get the best possible financial help.

Helpmetry is there to help you all the time you need it with an open platform.

Well, you need to know that there are so many crowdfunding websites in India which are helping people earn and get funded for any of their artwork.

However, Helpmetry is one of the top ten crowdfunding sites in India.

Just have a glance over what all is available around you.

Emerging Top 10 crowdfunding sites of India

The crowdfunding platforms in India are giving a tough competition to each other in providing excellent quality services.  

Let’s talk about those websites that offer a huge number of funds for various purposes.

Why and how they help the needy fundraisers like you to collect funds and accomplish your goals without many hassles?

Top ten Emerging Crowdfunding sites in India


  1. Helpmetry.com


Helpmetry is at the top among all other emerging websites which brings a community together for raising demanded funds. Being at the top of the growing crowdfunding platforms in India we are here to assist you in your creative projects.

Read below how you can get benefitted just by signing up and making a page with us.

Helpmetry is a membership platform that helps you as a content creator to run a subscription service like Netflix for your fans.

It is an ongoing crowdfunding campaign, but rather than paying once per project, here you are paid monthly to continue creating on an ongoing basis.

We enable you to draw an ongoing income from your fans on a per-month basis. We allow artists to receive funding directly from their fans on a recurring basis.

We here combine one-time crowdsourcing platforms like Kickstarter with the idea of a regular paycheck.

So, just come, and signup to create a page where you can showcase your talent to your fans on regular basis and get funded here. Though, the support of your fans is starting at a minimum of Rs30/month.

Within a short span of time Helpmetry has to turn out to be a must on the list of top 10 rated crowdfunding sites for many people.

With the supreme vision of being India’s No. 1 Crowdfunding platform in India down the line, we are helping people, especially the artists.

  1. Bitgiving.com

This is another emerging fundraising website in India.  A review of crowdfunding sites has shown that it is going to be among top ten crowdfunding sites India.  Bitgiving brings together social campaigns and projects. It helps individuals as well as NGOs to mobilize funds to them.

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Also Read: Best crowdfunding sites for Stand up comedians

  1. Milaap.org

Now, this is a website which has done so much for the poor and the sick.  It has helped raise money for children with malignant diseases and many with cancer, willing to get an expensive treatment.  

Not only have these people been benefited but are also leading a disease-free life currently. Being in the list of best Ten emerging crowdfunding sites of India this surely is going to be the helpful for those with medical emergencies who don’t have the resources to fund their treatment.

  1. Ketto.org

This is one of the best crowdfunding sites 2018 as far as a systematic approach to crowdfunding is concerned. Are you falling short of funds for any personal issue or need money for a specific cause?  

By using creative ideas you could start a fundraiser campaign within minutes. You can share the fundraiser link with people on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Raise and withdraw funds any time you feel like.

  1. Fueladream.com

This platform has a focus on the aspect of quality rather than concentrating on quantity. This Bangalore based website allows platforms for Cause, Charity, Idea, Recovery, and Event.

Now, what are these categories? Well if your project involves creating something in technology then it should go to idea category. Cause, Charity, and Recovery are all social welfare-oriented categories.  Fundream.com features as one among the top 10 crowdfunding websites in India review.

Well, now that you are aware of some of the budding websites for crowdfunding in India, it is the crucial time to take a decision.

Helpmetry is supporting imaginative people the most, also helps them connect with fans on an open platform.

Let me help you in this….

How is Helpmetry different from all the platforms of crowdfunding?

In a country with the population in crores crowdfunding is the necessary ingredient to turn the dreams into reality. Helpmetry helps the best in assisting the people with inventive approaches to get earned.

Here are some things which we do for the artistic people.

  • We support creating and get you paid monthly.
  • We offer an ideal platform to the podcaster, Youtubers, musicians, journalists, artists or anyone who creates on regular basis.
  • We let your fans help you by paying a recurring monthly payment as low as Rs 30/month by a single follower.
  • We help generate fan-creator relationship for a persistent grossing.

Gone are the days, when you looked for investors or bank for financial help to showcase your talent. Now, crowdfunding is prevalent everywhere. Helpmetry is one of the best platforms that support your talent and helps you earn with a consistent developing.

Although you must know about other websites that work to support crowdfunding services in India.  But you must be aware of the benefits that we are delivering to our esteemed consumers.

While other crowdfunding sites are winning the hearts and minds of entrepreneurs, we started to stay in the hearts of creators just with the amazing features we deliver.

But as Indian economy moves forward, with more innovative businesses ideas we are coming forth will all new concepts and better services.

To keep you always updated and get you the best financial help, we keep our eyes on growing strategies for the development of creativity.

Comes let’s join hands and fight back the financial crisis that hinders the creators from showcasing their talent.

What are you thinking now? If you have talent and a huge fan-base to support you then take advantage of it and get a regular income, made handy by us!  

Create a page now at Helpmetry.com!