Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

Best Crowdfunding Tips For Artists To Achieve Success

Being content pro or an experienced artistic person, the innovative ideas and crafty projects are some of the most treasurable currency you possess. However, execution of these visions on the right platform and earning alongside can often seem daunting.

One of the major hurdles to overcome is often arranging sufficient funding needed to get the project off the ground. But no more!

Luckily, raising funds alongside making an unending relationship with the fans has become more democratic in recent years. All thanks to the rise of crowdfunding platforms for not just entrepreneurs but for artists as well.

More and more artists are increasingly turning to these platforms to set their projects off ground, among the common public. A maximum number of artists is using the system to take their own inventive ideas and creativity to the public.

As crowdfunding has evolved so much, so have the crowdfunding platforms supporting solely the genuine talent.

Time has given rise to some of the best websites of crowdfunding for artists in India catering specifically to creative people. Helpmetry is just the one in all other crowdfunding sites for artists allowing an on-going payment and recurrent income source to the artists.

We here are just looking at what’s right for the specific artists and their situations.

This is about the basic of how artists can seek assistance at crowdfunding websites.

But, how do you make sure that your creative content page at the crowdfunding site is successful?

Well, it all depends on your competence to successfully market your ideas with the help of crowdfunding pitch tips.

With the hike in competitions among creative people, it is evident that there are certain measures one can take to heighten the probability of succeeding.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tips for setting your crowdfunding page up for success.

Here are some supportive crowdfunding tips for artists

Initiation Time Of Your Creative Crowdfunding Page

All crowdfunding supporters suggest a maximum of six to eight weeks for a creative content page. But Helpmetry is not. Helpmetry is a  membership-based platform allowing you full liberty over your age. As rewards are the crucial part of a healthy crowdfunding page, so it’s crucial to be able to deliver the rewards within a reasonable timeframe in order to make your project appealing.

So, do devote time to creating a compelling and engaging content page with which your audience can connect heartily.

Think about Costs and type of rewards

Think about the cost and type of rewards you are going to offer.

Well, as far as the successful campaigns are concerned, offering something individual to the project and your donors is a good idea.

So, do the budget wisely for the delivery of rewards. The fun part of crowdfunding websites for the artists like Helpmetry and the other is being able to give the donors something in return.

For pledging different types of rewards to the crowdfunding project, your page must be capable to offer something unique every time you put on.

What’s the key to this? Well, to make it simple, pick a gift of significance, something that will tug at the heartstrings of your potential and dedicated donors. Just show your gratitude, and shove them to compel. Make sure it’s something your creative approach, your talent or your skills can afford.

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Implement the ‘Why’ factor

Another amazing element of the crowdfunding page is the explanation of why you are there and what is so special about you. It should be revealed to the viewers, how unique is your talent and how can you offer benefit to them and how you are important to your surrounding community of artists.

Including this purpose skilfully, build an emotional connection with your fans, and this type of art. It’s a key essential for any artist’s crowdfunding campaign. Actually, this is one of the best crowdfunding tips for artists.

Take assistance of social media

Do you know that social media is your best friend?

While not every crowdfunding page is going to get a big name in the field like Helpmetry or giant marketing budgets, your online presence is more than enough. This tip for artists looking for crowdfunding support is vital if they are looking for capital support from people who don’t already know you.

Here are some methods of enticing more and more eyes on your creative project that cost no money:

  •    Twitter profile for your campaign and yourself
  •    Facebook page for your campaign
  •    Instagram account

Don’t just market your campaign online

Well, going online could help but not, single-handedly. Going out into the community and seeking interested groups to do usual face-to-face marketing is another important tip to direct people to your crowdfunding campaign.

Budding supporters and donors beyond your instantaneous network want to feel coupled to you and your project.

And connecting with all those potential groups will set your project apart from the rest.


Don’t sit back and relax

I think one of the common misunderstandings about the crowdfunding platform is the idea that once implemented, just stay relaxed, no need to put efforts further.

People think if they have created a page and presented a creation out there, then it’s good enough. The supporters or fans will flock to support it and contribute towards it. Actually, after your project is live, it is the actual time when really hard work begins.

Fundraising is very hard-hitting. A detailed strategy and a hit list of people to reach out to are mandatory. The majority of your funding will generally come from your true fans that buy everything you produce and eagerly await the future content.

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Whether it is those who drive hundreds of miles to see you perform or those who listen to your latest broadcast, you can count on true fans to support you no matter what.

Your next source of income would be the people you know like family, friends, current customers or audience members.

Compelling Videos are need of your crowdfunding page

A compelling video is a vital necessity that helps connect you with your potential donors and supporters. So just show that there is an actual story and a real human being is behind the page.

They’re a great way to engage others and make them as excited about your project as you are. Try to make it more realistic.

Select One Of The Best Crowdfunding Platforms For Artists

One should never underestimate this crowdfunding tips for artists. You don’t have an idea of how important this decision is.

If you too are looking to create a stream of revenue that can allow you to focus on your creative goals then Helpmetry is for you. Our dedicated service allows you to collect monthly income from your fan base, who subscribe to different levels of support.

Specifically concentrating on the creators, you can also give your patrons with special content or other rewards to make them feel involved in the creative process.

What’s more about Helpmetry?

Helpmetry is an affiliation platform that supports you as a content creator to initiate a subscription service like Netflix for your fans. It’s an actually ideal crowdfunding for some of the artists. It is a model for the creators like

  •    Podcasters,
  •    YouTubers,
  •    Musicians,
  •    Journalists,
  •    Artists,

People belonging to other categories can also create content on a regular basis and would like to be compensated for it. We here allow artists to receive funding directly from their fans and that too on a recurring basis.

We tend to create fan-creator relationship here which is quite different from the boss-employee relationship. Instead of getting paid once for your artwork here at our page, you’ll be paid by each of your fans and will incur an income on regular basis.

Do you think this artistic tip for artists will help you push your crowdfunding project towards success? Then don’t worry? With a little advertising know-how, you can try to get your page noticed by the people out there from, who are not even artistic for a welcome boost.

Compare the share of every crowdfunding website

One of the important factors to look out for is a commission. It is the share they charge to make your creative project showcased, how much of the money will be taken by the platform from your raised funds?

There is always a processing fee; it’s usually a percentage share.

We are one of the most reasonable platforms with the least possible share.

No need to waste time anymore. Just pull up your socks and get into the initiation of the most compelling crowdfunding page here at!