Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

Best Crowdfunding Sites For Artists – Innovative Way to Earn Big with Your Talent

Best Crowdfunding Sites For Artists

Are you a passionate artist but don’t know how to earn with your talent? Are you looking for a where you can showcase your art as well as earn fruitfully? Crowdfunding is your answer that can come in your way, hold your hand and help you get the required funds as contributions from your fans for your creative deliveries on an open platform.

Only fame and a big fan following cannot help you earn consistently. Crowdfunding sites for artists like Helpmetry can help you in this side in the most tranquil way.

Let me tell you how….

A beginner artist, you usually start small and later on succeed in getting a big fan base. But he/she cannot make a recurrent source of income just by connecting to them.  Helpmetry helps builds a membership platform that helps you as a creator to run a subscription service like Netflix for your fans.

Crowdfunding websites for artists like Helpmetry allows you to reach out to your audiences, national as well as international at a low cost. Each donor here spends a moderately small amount on a project they are obsessive about, which costs them very less to become a part of an endeavor they find appealing or meaningful.

Crowdfunding sites help start a fundraising campaign or page that helps you earn monthly, rather than paying once per project

You just need to sign in to our page and start showcasing on it with a compelling content to which your followers will contribute.

To help you out in that way, let me tell you one of the best crowdfunding platforms for artists, Helpmetry.

I know that crowdfunding may puzzle some people. But believe it or not, it is the best possible way to get funded in the best possible way without any hassles.

Crowdfunding is an extremely distinctive way to raise funds for your talent and projects. It gives you the freedom to create inventive content without the tension of finance and other supports.

Letting you know the benefits, it is very different from seeking finances through more traditional methods.

This approach taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of audiences, primarily online through Youtube or Instagram.

Most prominently, the top crowdfunding sites for artists offer platforms that leverage their networks for greater reach and exposure.

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This is the way through which you can try to impress a completely disparate audience. You can appeal to your exact audience for sponsorship and funding as well rather than any businessperson concerned only with the facts and figures.

Don’t worry if you want to create an epic video game, want to record a great music album, or to showcase your acting skills to take the world by storm. Crowdfunding platforms for artists are the creamiest way to dream big and get funded from your own followers, undoubtedly.

Before we move ahead with further details of one of the best names in the industry, Helpmetry you must be aware of the types of crowdfunding that can help you mark your footsteps better.

Types of Crowdfunding

A variety of best crowdfunding platforms for artists and even common people is there to seek assistance accordingly. Which type of crowdfunding method is suitable for your talent, simply depends on the type of art you are learned with.  Just select the type and follow your goals for growth.

  • Donation-based Crowdfunding

Broadly speaking, this is the best way to raise fund. You can think of any type of crowdfunding campaign where there are no economic returns to the investors or contributors to be expected. Generally, donation-based crowdfunding websites help you with the fundraising for calamity relief, charities, nonprofits, and medical bills.

  1. Equity-Based Crowdfunding

Unlike the other two methods, equity-based crowdfunding allows the contributors to become part-owners of your project by trading capital for equity shares. Also, being the equity owners, your contributors will receive a financial return on their investment and ultimately receive a share of the earnings in the form of a dividend or distribution.

  1. Rewards-based Crowdfunding

This method helps you get a contribution in seeking a platform for your art in exchange for a “reward,” typically a form of the product or service your company offers. Even though this method offers the supporter a reward, it’s still a better way to seek financial help.

Rewards-based crowdfunding, which is actually the basis of our platform, allows artists to present an artistic content off the ground without the burden of repaying a loan. Before jumping in, consider some important benefits of this type of crowdfunding:

  • One of the cheapest ways to raise capital
  • No collateral, credit check or experience required
  • The process is simple and doesn’t require professional financial or legal help
  • Exposure gained on our platform can help establish an immense customer base and name awareness

What’s the main requirement of joining a reward-based crowdfunding platform?

Its name itself has the enticing factor. It attracts people as they tend to get something in reward. Well, to begin with, this as an artist or a beginner, you’ll need a convincing pitch that appeals to as many people as possible. Along with that, attractive rewards at all donation levels are also essential. If you start with an entertaining and informative video then it can help sell your idea the best.

In reward-based crowdfunding, the donors who donate to your artistic content creation be it a painting, music album, video, podcast, designing tips or anything that appeals to viewers, look for lucrative rewards. They should be given a small reward in exchange for their contribution towards your appeal.

It can either be a copy of your artwork, new album etc

It can even be a watch, or a film as well.

Most of the reward-based crowdfunding pages are run by distinct artists, musicians, and filmmakers. Small ventures who wish to join this ongoing development can also leverage this type of crowdfunding.

Helpmetry is one of the good crowdfunding sites for reward-based crowdfunding.

Crowdfunding has become one of the most dependable and helping options these days to raise funds for any artwork to get earned on regular basis.

Well, now that you are aware of the types of crowdfunding that can assist you to live your dream liberally; you need to move ahead with your search for the best crowdfunding sites for artists ever.

Let me make it simpler, such a hectic task of yours. Here in the industry, one of the trusted and best crowdfunding sites for artists of all time is Helpmetry.

In this materialistic world, dreams are very much expensive – so why to wait, join us. You’re with a great deal of money, as Helpmetry is there to help you earn consistently every month.

This is just one of the top crowdfunding platforms for artists, a place where your fans could donate funds to support your talent and will build a relationship with you that demands future contents. They will help you earn as your fans will eagerly wait for your future deliveries.

If talked about the condition a few years back, when the banks used to be the sole financial option, the artist life seemed to be really miserable. People often thought whether there is any financial assistance that can help unconditionally.

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Every crowdfunding website has a particular share of profit in the amount raised as funds for your dream project. However, it is different for different websites. But, Helpmetry comes out to be one of the best by charging the least possible share.

Here you get the list of other crowdfunding sites for art projects to have an idea how Helpmetry is better for you.

Some Other Crowdfunding Websites for Artists


Probably the most searched website for crowdfunding, Kickstarter is one of the best. It also accepts projects of different types. The submission process is really spontaneous and up-front.


Contrasting to Kickstarter though, you can start with any project comprising donations for charity. The Backer Rewards feature is identified as Perks here.


Raise money for anything you want.  No fees involved and which is why it says as the Fundly.


Crowdcube is an equity-based crowdfunding platform for artists built to turn your friends, family, fans, and customers into investors.


One of a kind of crowdfunding efforts, it is there to support new talent and give it a virtual platform to rise into the music industry.


Well, these are some of the names who are in the industry with same features. But, it is your smart decision to find the best.

Here are some of the salient features that make Helpmetry as the best crowdfunding website for you.

This is what We DO:

  •    Chase down decline payments
  •    Track fan history & value
  •    Shield you from chargebacks

Helpmetry is there

  • To handle fan questions
  • To protect the creator’s rights
  • To catch fraud before it hits your balance

We urge to deliver the best possible services to the crafty people. By taking care of fan questions, payments, and customer support, we help you concentrate on creating only.

With low transparent fees, we are being one of the most affordable crowdfunding sites.

So…if there is any worm of creativity and artistry flowing in your veins? Then, why wait, just jump to one of the best crowdfunding websites for artists in India, Helpmetry to get the best ever support to your talent.

Get started just by logging in with us today and take benefits from your huge fan base to earn big.

Just discover the power of community when it comes together to support a sincere dream only here at!