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7 Tips to Stay Connected With Your Growing Fanbase

Now that you have reached that proud point in your career which you’ve been trying to achieve, it’s the time you should start handling your growing fanbase. After all, they are the one who has made you.

However, as your fanbase grows, so it becomes increasingly difficult to stay in touch with them. You should keep your relationship with your fans in a simple way without making everything hectic.

Here are some tips you should try to stay connected with your growing fanbase.

1. Keep Answering Them Frequently

Keep answering to their comments. Don’t lose your social momentum entirely but give yourself a reasonable time to do so. Set aside some time frequently to respond to their comments. Even a simple like or heart will be a nice gesture to tell your fans, “I like you”.

2. Facebook/Youtube or Insta Live Videos

A live event makes it exceptionally easy to start a connection with your followers.

Here are some topics you can go Live on:

Q&A session – Answer their questions while you’re on your way or can host an exclusive one for top fans only.

Offer Extra Dose –Give a preview of your latest piece, share a snippet, or just greet in the live event to your fans.

Studio Tour –take them on a tour to where you make all of your artwork.

Day into your Life – Sometimes the mundane parts of your creative life is actually important for your fans. Go live while you’re at the art store, grabbing elements for your next creative delivery.

Rehearsals – If you belong to entertainers’ category, live stream your rehearsals.

3. Send Out Informal Emails

Sometimes a simple greeting like ‘how are you doing’, ‘stay connected with me’ works well on fan’s mind instead of formal letters. Write emails to talk to your fans like diary entries.

4. Host Contests and Give Gifts

Contests and giveaways always entice fans. Couple them with your live streaming. It will get you in touch with large numbers of fans. Also, give them the added benefits like hanging out with you in a casual situation or a copy of your artwork. Make it feel more personal.

5. Watch, Comment and Share Cover videos your fans making

It is a really great way to make someone’s day. Leave a comment on videos, covers, and other images that mention you. Also, share them on your social networks as it would be a great way to pay it forward to your fans.

6. Face-to-face Time

Being busy, it is obviously hard to manage. Your time is limited and you certainly can’t shake everyone’s hand. However, if you can give even a few minutes of your time to any of your fans in person, that will make a lasting impression on him/her.

7. Head back to Mass after Concerts and shows

Always head back to the horde of fans after a show or a video upload! Talk to your fans as they purchase your gear and deliveries. Speak to them after events, come off stage and talk to people in the audience.

Making a balance between entertaining your fans and keeping your value is important. Know your limits first, try to nurture a star-fan relationship in ways that leave them feeling excited.