Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

5 Reasons Why You Should Crowdfund Your Idea?

The idea of selling a product or a creative delivery before it existed seems to be like a dream a few years back. Some people eve thought it of a scam. And why not! Why would anyone buy a piece of art that doesn’t even exist?

But now it has become a trend. Many artisans and art lovers are already pre-selling their creative deliveries or idea every day on top crowdfunding platforms in India.

Helpmetry is one such platform that is open for the artistic people to create a page and crowdfund their idea.

We know, you might be thinking what is the benefit of doing this? Why you should crowdfund your idea?

Then let us help you.

Crowdfunding your creative idea has many benefits.

Here we have put down 5 reasons that support the decision of crowdfunding your idea.

1. Proper Validation and Chance of improvement with customer feedback

Crowdfunding pages at Helpmetry are a risk-free way to do market research and prove viability of content at Youtube Channel, Insta channel while seeking some serious financial support.

You may ask some valuable questions in your crowdfunding page to interact with your fans like

•    Who is your creative idea all about?

•    How will your fans receive your content delivery?

•    What is their perception about your creativity?

Crowdfunding pages help to get best customer feedback and data from advertising.

2. The low financial risk with the high engagement of fans

Launching your new creative idea in the market or producing creative delivery may cost something.

But starting a crowdfunding page gives you a way to access funds for bringing up a new idea to life with the help of supporters. This is possible even without putting your funds at risk.

It’s better to take an idea of the success rate before implementation.

3. Good for getting viable marketing benefits

An active crowdfunding page is a decent approach to present the creators’ overall mission and vision to their fans. It is a simple approach to get connected or get social with the masses and ask for their support.

You can also give your fans and followers with special rewards to make them feel a part of the creative process.

4. Help Provide Platform to attract Prospective Fans

A crowdfunding page here at Helpmetry does not just permit a creative person or an artist to exhibit their idea, but it gives them a space to share their artwork and the reason behind it.

People who see your page, follow your campaign, choose to contribute to your project are ones that have faith in your credibility and they love your creative delivery over the long run. Generally, these fans are your die-hard followers who want you to create for them.

5. Better Position Yourself for BIGGER deals

Once you start a successful crowdfunding page with Helpmetry, you will get added exposure.

You can leverage your achievement for future deliveries as well. Crowdfunding is actually social by nature where your fans are supporting you in terms of funds.

Helpmetry builds here a fan-creator relationship to give you always more.

Instead of getting paid once for your artwork, here at our page, get paid by each of your fans and incur an income on regular basis.

Create your page now!