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10 Rewards for Podcasters to Offer Their Fans

Have you ever thought of what top podcasters do to incentivize and reward their true fans?

Before clearing that I want to explain what is so special about podcasts.

Podcasts are specifically attractive as they don’t cost much to create (in terms of time or funds). Any creator with a decent knowledge of a particular subject can discourse for an hour and release an episode. Also, there is a matter of understanding that if you can build up a big enough audience or can manage to get a surge of traffic to your site, then a new stream of revenue would be working for you.

However, you need to pay something to your followers as rewards.

Here we pull together 10 most lucrative rewards that podcasters can offer to their fans through a membership-based platform for artists, Helpmetry.

  1.    Bonus Episodes

This is the straightforward reward that you can offer to your fans. When they are keen to see your regular episodes then an access to bonus episodes would definitely please them.

  1.    Live Chats

It’s hard to measure the worth of a deeper relationship with your fans. Make it more profound by arranging live chat sessions with them.

  1.    Extra Shots

Extra dose is loved by all as far as entertainment is concerned. ‘Behind the scene content’ is something that can make your fans thrilled about your efforts and creations.

  1.    Physical gifts

Physical gifts like a book, customized T-shirt, or a copy of your creation signed by you are some special gifts that can make your patrons special.

  1.    Create a WhatsApp Group


If you can commute to them, no matter once a week or month, by arranging a group then it would more pleasing. They can even share their views as well.

  1.    Sneak Peaks & Snippets

This could mean that your fans and supporters will listen to an episode several days in advance. Some creators also use the early release to captivate followers.

  1.    Offer Recognition

Sometimes, your supporters just want to be recognized as your eternal supporters. You can do shout-outs during episodes or can just put up lists of the names of some special ones or offer credentials.

  1.    Digital Gifts

In addition to extra shot rewards, you can also offer some digital gifts like patron-only posts, exclusive news, updates, miscellaneous materials related to your episodes/genre, and more.

  1.    Personalised Services

If you’re an expert in your field then you can leverage your experience. Explore teaching ability to offer online coaching and consulting to your fans enjoys your personalized services.  

  1.    Sponsorships and Ads placement

You can offer sponsorships and placement of ads to the business holders who want to support you. This can show your gratefulness as well as your willingness to pay a reward to them.

While you read all the rewards, don’t forget that not every reward type fits every performer or creator. Helpmetry just tries to bridge the gap between you and your fans where they can support you wholeheartedly.

These rewards have help most of our podcasters. You can also take benefit of these by applying as your strategy. Just give them a try, these will be right for you and your audience as well.

So which one are you going to offer to your supporters?

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