Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

Benefits of Crowdfunding for Comic Creators

Crowdfunding For Comic Creators

Crowdfunding is always a fantasy for the art lovers being an open platform that represents something more genuinely new to the arts community than just gigs. Whether a person is a performer or a creator, crowdsourcing can definitely help.

A creator always looks for people who would enjoy and understand the hidden satire in their creations. But initiation needs vital support. Without a doubt, the current creating-funding situation needs sustenance.

Part of this crowdfunding platform the Fanbase is there to provide value – whether funding or substantial support.

One of the trusted support providers in the rising industry of crowdfunding is Helpmetry.

Whether you are an artisan, podcaster, musician, writer or comic creator, we can help.  The process simply involves an open platform, where the artist or comic creator builds a connection with his/her followers. This is the community of people willing to collectively contribute funds in exchange for rewards and recognition. They are willing to support their favorite star.

The fan-creator relationship is quite different and anyways calmer than the boss-employee relationship.

They want to support you because they like what you do. Many of them look up to you and will appreciate you no matter what. You can create one piece of the comic or just present an outline on our crowdfunding page and share it with your fans.

Not only will you get funds but exhilarating response also to improve where your comic creation falls.

This is all about the importance of crowdsourcing for your creations. And now we will let you know, what are some amazing benefits of crowdfunding for comic creators?

Here are the benefits of crowdfunding:

Help get substantial money

Publishing, marketing, distribution, etc. are somewhat expensive chores.  One can’t afford all the costs on its own possibly. Sometimes loans are quite scary. But, in crowdfunding can get for what you have created, your fans will compensate your creations and a lot of people in exchange for fun rewards, people come forward and help make your dream of work true.

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Attain backers instead of buyers

Puzzled? What’s the difference? Backers are your fans who are rooting for your creations or the idea you have for comic creations. This is simply different to buyers with whom the relationship is nothing beyond a mere transaction.

Do these lovers pay to you? Yes! At Helpmetry they pay on a recurrent basis just like a subscription. All you need is to create a page.

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Great Advertising Strategy

Every advertising effort you’ll make to create your crowdfunding page will also create a buzz all around. This page will help you create a conversation about your comic book itself. You can either start by saying that you’re basically initiating, “Watch out, I’m on my way”.

The true fans will definitely support you.

It’s Reasonable

At the high time of financial crisis, getting funds without spending is so much reasonable.

With a genuine platform Helpmetry, you are able to get financial support of your loyal fans. Instead of getting funded once for your creations, get ready to be paid by your fans!

Then what are you waiting for? Got an idea for comic creations? Can’t wait to publish?

Now you know what to do.

Start a page with us now.

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