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Helpmetry is the best membership reward based crowdfunding platform for all innovative content creators in India. Gives freedom to create and builds a fan-creator relationship to raise funds for you. Helps earn either project wise or recurrent basis. Ideal crowdfunding website for podcasters, YouTubers, musicians, journalists, artists, and anyone who creates content on a regular basis and wish to earn for it.

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Advertise or work with sponsors;
It’s your choice

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You decide what to create and you have 100% ownership

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Work with your top fans,
learn from them and
create for them.

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Our team will help you
know more about your
fans and ways for you to
connect with them.

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We take care of fan questions, payments and customer support,
So you can concentrate on creating.

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How does it work?

Membership is a relationship between you and your most engaged fans — the ones that choose to go a level deeper than just following you on social media. They become paying patrons in exchange for exclusive benefits you offer.

Screenshots for you're launching on HelpMeTry

Tell your fans you're launching on HelpMeTry.

Reach out to fans on your social channels to find out more about what kind of membership benefits they’d be interested in.

Set up your page and membership tiers, and launch!

Each tier has different benefits for different levels of engagement with you. When you’re ready, launch your membership and tell your fans.

Develop relationships by taking them along on the journey.

Share updates, deliver benefits, and build community. Keep up the momentum by sharing on your social channels to bring more fans to HelpMeTry.

Monthly Payments Made Effortless

HelpMeTry Chase Down Decline Payments

We chase down
declined payments

We track fan
history & value

We shield you
from chargebacks

We are here to

  • To handle fan questions
  • To protect creator’s rights
  • To catch fraud before it hits your balance

Low Transparent Fees

You keep 85%
Transaction fee 5%
We Keep 10%

Projects We Love

Discover what’s possible when a community creates together.

Parthraj Parmer is creating Dance videos

Dance is my first passion. In 2012 I left my day job and formed a dance company dedicated to teaching and presenting dance. My name is Parth

0 Raised
1,000 Goal
Parthraj Parmer is creating Dance videos

TeenDrolls are creating YouTube Videos

We are the tummy twisters, We are TeenDrolls! The most watched comedy channel playing the sumptuous full length, short length, clips and eve

TeenDrolls are creating YouTube Videos

Chef Meghna is creating Cooking videos

Hello food lovers! My name is Meghna, head chef at the Meghna Food Magic cooking channel on YouTube. I am passionate about handpicked recipe

Chef Meghna is creating Cooking videos